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Spanish for Healthcare Professionals 1

Course Description: This Spanish course is specially designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who work in environments in which they have contact with native Spanish-speakers, primarily patients. Hands-on and practical in nature, this course introduces students to important vocabulary and relevant grammar topics, and provides ample practice to boost students’ ability to communicate effectively in Spanish. With the skills gained in this course, students will be able to build confidence with patients who have limited English knowledge, easing the exchange of information and facilitating cooperation between care-providers and their patients.

Through clear explanations, guided conversation, focused vocabulary study, and role-play activities, you’ll learn how to acquire patient information, review medical history, clarify patient symptoms, identify parts of the body, discuss diseases and healthy habits, and more. In addition, our skilled instructors customize the curriculum by integrating vocabulary and topics relevant to the specific healthcare fields of each student enrolled in the course.

Spanish level requirement: 

Designed for High Beginner students who have experience speaking in the present tense using regular and irregular verbs.
Pre-requisite: our Beginner 3  Spanish course or having been recommended Beginner 4, Beginner 5, or Intermediate 1 after taking our online placement exam.

Note:  If you’re a student new to Tierra, we recommend taking our Beginner placement test to assess your level.

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Topics Covered:


  • Review of nouns & adjectives
  • Review of ser & estar
  • Review of verb conjugation in the present tense
  • Reflexive Verbs
  • Verbs like “gustar” - “doler”, “molestar” etc.
  • Time expressions with “hacer”
  • Command forms


  • Objects in the medical office
  • Symptoms and emotional states
  • Review of numbers
  • Taking vital signs
  • Parts of the body and internal organs
  • Diseases & Medical history
  • Patient intake
  • Describing pain


1. The book you will be using for this class is McGraw-Hill's Complete Medical Spanish, 3rd Ed. (July 2015; ISBN-13: 978-0071841887, ISBN-10: 0071841881).  You can purchase a copy at Tierra for $20, or you can get it at your preferred book retailer.