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Higher Intermediate: Great Women of Latin America

Mujer CampesinaCourse Description: In this highly interactive “Conversation and Culture” course, students will expand their Spanish comprehension and conversation skills by discovering a range of Latin American women’s realities, from the lives of women in the spotlight to stories of women’s struggles and social movements. Students will deepen their cultural knowledge by becoming familiar with some of the most extraordinary and influential women from the region, from renowned authors and beloved musicians to accomplished politicians and brave activists. We’ll discuss the biggest challenges facing women today such as violence against women, the burden of economic hardship, and the special circumstances of indigenous women, and examine some of the voices and social movements that have sprung up in response.

Designed for higher intermediate students, this conversational course will give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills through relevant readings, songs, videos, individual research, and engaging group discussion. Broaden your cultural horizons with this expansive and fascinating look at the diversity and vitality of women’s lives across Latin America!

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Intermediate 4, Intermediate 5, Intermediate 6 or equivalent.

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