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October 2010 - Teresa Markgraf

Teresa Markgraf

Always enthusiastic and a consistent force within the classroom dynamic, her community-oriented disposition exemplifies what we aim to nurture here at Tierra. Her eagerness to learn and grow through human interaction is contagious and extends well beyond our walls, to the church where she works, serving her community. On a mission to attain fluency before her return to Mexico as a social servant, she’s cranked her hours at Tierra up to 5 per week and seems to have fun like none other dissecting each and every exercise in the books! Perhaps due to her love for language and her awareness of the potential for humor in the study of grammar, Teresa is a priceless asset and a living example of why we place our faith in the cross-cultural approach to language acquirement and personal growth.

Name: Teresa Markgraf
Occupation: Director of Religious Education, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
Time Studying at Tierra: 8 1/2 months

1) Why are you studying Spanish?
"Our church, like just about all Catholic parishes in this country, has a growing Spanish-speaking population. It's time that everybody who works in the Church learn some Spanish!"

2) What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?
"Easy--the people. I love my classmates, the instructors are really outstanding, and cheerful Rebecca always knows how many classes I have left in my series. The small class sizes are ideal, and the two hours fly by with lots of laughter and hard work. I so enjoy coming to Tierra."

3) Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?
" This year, when the children's catechism classes in Spanish began, I sat in on the parent meeting. When the parents went around the circle introducing themselves and telling a little about themselves, I was able to do the same in adequate Spanish--a proud moment for me~!"

Congratulations Teresa!!