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April-May 2011 - Katherine Gottfried

Katherine Gottfried

As a compassionate and committed nurse, Katherine was motivated to begin studying Spanish by her desire to build bridges and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. Endowed with great tenacity and abundant enthusiasm, she has shown true passion and determination in her dedication to learning. She exudes excitement about the Spanish language and Latin American culture, often arriving with humorous anecdotes or glee at having dreamt in Spanish. Kind and generous, Katherine possesses the kind of community-based orientation that we at Tierra applaud and hope to nurture.

Name: Katherine Gottfried
Occupation: R.N.
Time Studying at Tierra: about 18 months

1) Why are you studying Spanish?
"I love the language. At first I wanted to communicate much better with my Spanish speaking patients. Now I dream of traveling to every Spanish speaking country and experiencing, in a very personal way that only language can make possible, the lives and traditions of those people living there.. "

2) What is your favorite part about your experience here at Tierra?
" I love the intimacy that exists in small classes and the individual attention I get in those classes. Not having the pressure of exams, finals, grades makes it easier for me to learn. "

3) Can you tell us of a time you have been able to use what you have learned studying here?
" I work as a volunteer Parish Nurse in a Latino church in Hillsboro. Few are fluent in English. I watch faces for mildly suppressed grins as I mispronounce words. But somehow we manage to communicate. My skills need a lot of work still but I am so much better than the day I walked into Norberto's class."

Congratulations Katherine!!