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Advanced Book Seminar - "Pedro Páramo"

Course Description: In this advanced immersion literature course, students will have the chance to read one of the most legendary Spanish-language novels, Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo. This short novel, the only one Rulfo wrote, employed a unique, trailblazing style which alternates in the telling of stories past and present from different perspectives, weaving together voices that cumulatively unveil the history of a deserted Mexican village and its inhabitants. In his poignant tale about a powerful landowner, his family, and his town, Rulfo subtly reveals the social circumstances and tensions that fueled the Mexican Revolution, the role of the Church in maintaining power structures, love in all its insanity, the pride and identity wrapped up in the land itself.

Pedro Paramo had an incalculable impact on Latin American literature (Gabriel García Márquez claimed to have memorized every word and described reading the book as “life-changing”) and it is often described as “a classic, to be read again and again”.

Designed for students with advanced reading and speaking ability, this course will give you the opportunity to continue polishing your comprehension and conversation skills as we read and analyze Pedro Paramo. In an engaging and highly participatory seminar style, we'll enjoy multi-media presentations and group discussions exploring the language and content of the book, as well as the historical context of the story.

Book edition: In this course we will use a new edition by "Vintage Español" of 2019 which includes an introductory note by Gabriel García Márquez. We highly recommend that students purchase this edition so we can easily reference different parts of the text by page number while discussing at class. You can purchase your copy at Powell's or Amazon using the links below:


Powell's Books

Best suited for: Spanish Advanced I or equivalent

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