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Norberto T. Medina - Director

Spanish Class

Norberto was born in Seattle, WA but raised in México City. He came to Portland to seek professional development and to study the classical guitar. He soon fell in love with this city and realized that he wanted to establish his home here.

Norberto has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM). He envisions Tierra Educational Center as a multidisciplinary environment where languages, culture and technology fuse to effectively provide students with the knowledge and tools to experience personal growth and improved interaction with their respective communities.

He has always had a passion for teaching and languages. He has done research on information retrieval algorithms and as a thesis project built a prototype to index and dissect Web documents in Spanish by the concepts in their content. At the final stage of completing his degrees he started working as a research assistant at the Multimedia Laboratory of the Center for Computer Research (CIC-IPN) in México City. He stayed there over 3 years participating actively in several private and government financed computer system projects. Later, he decided to work for himself as a freelance consultant and software developer.

He was part of the leading team that designed and implemented the main information system for distribution and retrieval of meteorological data from all Mexican territory. The project was financed by the World Meteorological Organization part of the United Nations.

His main professional research and work area interests are: multimedia educational tools, custom Internet applications, content management systems and any type of information systems.

Norberto's other interests are classical and Latin American music, Mexican history, mountaineering, biking, and microbreweries.