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Cecilia Rodríguez - Spanish Instructor

Cecilia Pusey

Cecilia Rodríguez was born in the state of Mexico and raised in cities across northern Mexico. As a university student she studied elementary education in the city of Chihuahua, and one summer traveled to Tennessee to volunteer in a Migrant Education Program as an assistant bilingual teacher. Upon graduating from college she moved to Ciudad Júarez, where she worked as an elementary school teacher in public schools. Seeking new opportunities and a better living environment, she decided to come to the U.S. where she had family in New Mexico. There she advocated for animals as an English-Spanish interpreter for the Spay and Neuter Action Program, serving low-income families.

Cecilia enjoyed studying English throughout her childhood and adolescence. Looking back, she appreciates how her parents emphasized the importance of learning a second language and made every effort to give her the education she needed to develop advanced English skills. She's observed first-hand the many benefits of becoming bilingual, and especially values the possibility to meet and communicate with new people and expand her knowledge of any topic by consulting sources in more than language.

Shortly after relocating to Portland, Cecilia enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to begin teaching Spanish at Tierra. She relishes being in the position to share not only her language, but also parts of her culture and herself with students who are so open and eager to learn. As a teacher, she encourages students of all levels to practice speaking as much as possible and enjoys seeing them break out of their shells and become more confident. She is determined to never leave a student in doubt, and strives to ensure that her students leave every class having learned something new and useful.