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Spanish Beginner III

Course Description: In this course you will improve your ability to express yourself in the present tense and continue to develop your Spanish abilities in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. It is recommended for those who have successfully completed Spanish Beginner II, or who have studied Spanish previously and have a good understanding of noun-adjective agreement, "ser" and "estar", and regular verb conjugation. This course will cover the conjugation of irregular verbs, add nuance to your ability to speak in the present tense, and introduce direct object pronouns.

Through the use of highly effective group exercises and conversational practice, this course will help you build basic speaking and comprehension skills, and discuss your habits, future plans, schedule, and family.

Prerequisite: Spanish Beginner II or equivalent

Duration: Intensive series - 5 weeks (2 classes/week) or Regular series - 10 weeks (1 class/week)

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Course Outline:

Grammar Topics Studied:
1) Essential irregular verbs in the present tense (tener, querer, hacer, ir, venir, saber ...)
2) The usage of the present tense to express the future
3) Impersonal expressions using ser + adjective + infinitive verb (es bueno aprender...)
4) Adjectives expressing quantity (mucho, poco)
5) Telling time
6) Direct object pronouns (lo, la, los, las ...)
7) Periphrastic Future ir a + infinitive verb (voy a nadar el domingo...)
8) Common adverbs

Key Vocabulary:
1) The Family
2) Transportation
3) Places in a City
4) Ordinal numbers

Course Textbooks:

1. Bregstein, Barbara; Easy Spanish Step by Step; McGraw Hill ed. 2005
2. Maqueo, Ana María; Español para Extranjeros 1; Limusa 2da. edición, 2013