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Spanish for High School Students Online Course

Spanish tutoring highschoolCourse Description: This fun and interactive small-group course is designed for high school students who have studied Spanish at school and wish to practice and reinforce their skills. While social distancing mandates are in place, the class will be offered online and will help students to retain and build on their knowledge of Spanish during this special time.

The class will provide students a chance to both review structures they’ve previously learned and expand their knowledge learning new vocabulary and structures while strengthening comprehension and speaking ability through dynamic, conversational activities. This focused practice will be designed to boost students’ confidence and help them feel prepared to move on in their Spanish studies in the next school year.

Instructor Alexa Gaynor has a Master’s degree in Education from Portland State University and teaches Spanish at a local high school, in addition to teaching at Tierra. Known for her high energy and playful approach, Alexa excels at engaging high school students with fun activities that motivate them to participate and use Spanish in a natural context.

Offering two levels this Mid-Spring Term:

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Lower Intermediate Level:
*Best suited for students in 2nd year Spanish in high school (Spanish 3-4 at most schools)
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Higher Intermediate Level:
*Best suited for students in 3rd or 4th year Spanish in high school (Spanish 5-6 or 7-8 at most schools)
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