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Spanish for Educators - Level 2

Spanish for educators and teachersCourse Description: This unique Spanish immersion course is specially designed for teachers and others in the education field who wish to improve their ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking students and their families. Expanding your Spanish skills in this workplace-focused context will help you to interact with and encourage Spanish-speaking students as well as to engage their families and motivate them to become more involved with the school and their child's education. With a focus on relevant vocabulary and communicative practice, this highly interactive course will boost your confidence in using your Spanish skills in a school setting! Classes will follow a well-designed, yet flexible, curriculum and will include ample opportunity for conversation and fun role-play activities in order to reinforce your comprehension and speaking skills.

Spanish level requirementThis Intermediate course is designed for students Students who have completed at least Intermediate 1 or are able to communicate using the past tenses.

*Talk to your school principal about getting professional development units (PDUs) for participating in this course!

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Course Topics1:

1. Greetings, conversation starters, and politeness
2. School subjects, grade levels, and achievement
3. Discussing student progress and grades
4. Discussing student behavior
5. Encouraging students in Spanish
6. Disciplining students in Spanish
7. Addressing problems or emergencies

Grammar Topics:

1. Review of verb conjugation in the present tense
2.  Review of reflexive verbs
3. Introduction to subjunctive form & indirect commands
4. Introduction to the command form

1The topics covered in this class are subject to change and can be modified according to the ability level and learning goals of students enrolled.