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Viaje por Latinoamérica

Course Description: This fun and engaging course will provide students the chance to practice their burgeoning Spanish skills while learning about a wide range of places and cultural manifestations around Latin America! Designed for high beginner or lower intermediate students, in this course students will take a virtual journey to several Latin American countries, each day learning about that  culture, food, music, art, holiday celebrations, fascinating destinations, and famous people of a different country. Much of the class discussion will be based on individual research students complete between class sessions and share with the group. Student research will be bolstered with readings, photos, and audio-visual material to help students envision the country studied and to stimulate further discussion.

The lively and interesting class discussions will boost students’ confidence in speaking and listening abilities, as we broaden our cultural horizons and gain valuable knowledge about beautiful and complex people and places across the Spanish-speaking world.

Best suited for: Students who have completed Spanish Beginner 4, Beginner 5, Intermediate 1, or Intermediate 2 or equivalent

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