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Advanced Short Story Seminar

Course Description: In this highly-interactive seminar-style course, students will enjoy the opportunity to read and discuss several short stories by renowned Latin American authors, such as Elena Poniatowska, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Horacio Quiroga, Julio Cortázar, Juan Rulfo, Isabel Allende, Mario Benedetti, among others.

Designed for advanced students with a high level of comprehension and speaking ability, this course will provide you with the venue in which to practice your reading and speaking skills at a challenging level, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy stimulating discussion with other enthusiastic students. The stories will be chosen in order to represent a range of literary styles and country of origin, providing a sampling of the fascinating diversity within the world of Latin American literature. Reading will primarily be done outside of class, providing the substance for detailed analysis of the meaning and themes of the stories, in addition to discussion of the language itself, new vocabulary, metaphors, and stylistic devices.

Join this unique course in which you will also learn biographical information about the authors and deepen the breadth of your cultural knowledge!

Prerequisites: Completion of our Intermediate 4 course OR previous experience with all verb tenses in both the indicative and subjunctive moods in Spanish. 

Duration: 10 weeks (1 class/week) 

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