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Beginner Practice - Level 2

Course Description: This fun and engaging course provides an overview of the material studied in our Beginner 4 and 5 courses, and offers students a chance to focus on using these structures with conversational practice activities. Designed for students who’ve previously taken our Beginner 4 or 5 course or who’ve placed into our Beginner 5 or Intermediate 1 levels, this course will help you build a more solid foundation in the high beginning structures, giving your confidence a boost so you’ll feel ready to move on to learning new material!

Each topic will be briefly reviewed and then practiced with a wide range of dynamic activities and games, while the instructor provides vital feedback and supports each student in their learning journey!

Main topics covered include:

  • Contrasting uses of ser and estar
  • Regular and Irregular verb conjugation in the present tense
  • Usage of direct object pronouns
  • Usage of indirect object pronouns
  • Usage of double object pronouns
  • Prepositions and Por vs. para

Best suited for: Students who’ve completed Spanish Beginner 4 or Beginner 5 or equivalent

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