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Intermediate Immersion - Pueblos Mágicos de México

Course Description: In this engaging and interactive course, higher intermediate students will have the opportunity to take a virtual journey to some of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico. In 2001, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism established a new program, called “Pueblos Mágicos” which would designate towns that met specific criteria as a “magical town”, with the goal of stimulating tourism in the interior of the country. The program has had great success and has added new towns every year, each highlighting different aspects of the vast diversity of Mexican culture, from a strong influence of Mexico’s pre-hispanic roots, to its Spanish colonial heritage,  the preservation of traditions, and markers of important historical events. There are currently 111 Mexican towns with the “Pueblo Mágico” designation.

In this course, students will research and discuss Pueblos Mágicos from various regions of Mexico. Through learning about these special municipalities, students will gain insight into Mexico’s fascinating history and multi-cultural heritage. With a focus on participation and conversational practice, this course provides a format in which students can stretch their Spanish skills to communicate about topics that truly spark their interest.

Best suited for: Students who have completed at least Spanish Intermediate III or equivalent

10 weeks (1 class/week)

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