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Alfredo Schultz - Spanish Instructor

Alfredo Bio picAlfredo Schultz was born in Mexico City and grew up in the northern city of Chihuahua. He had an early interest in languages and as a child enjoyed learning different alphabets and making up his own. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in architecture, he worked on architectural projects in diverse regions of Mexico and later earned a Master’s degree in philosophy and art history at the Universidad Panamericana in Monterrey. During his graduate studies, he developed a serious interest in teaching and began teaching humanities in various independent universities. Later he began to teach Spanish and eventually shifted his career towards teaching abroad. He is also a student of German, and has spent time in Germany studying the language and culture, and in Switzerland teaching Spanish at an academic and outdoor program. 

Alfredo appreciates the opportunity teaching at Tierra gives him to work with adults interested in learning Spanish in a small-class setting. In this environment, he is able to respond to all questions the students may have and foster their active participation. Passionate about Latin American and particularly Mexican culture, he enjoys sharing cultural knowledge in his classes, and feels it is impossible to not talk about culture when learning another language. As an instructor, he is easy-going, flexible, and approachable - someone who strives to make students laugh and feel at ease. He encourages students to talk without fear of making mistakes, and tries to make every topic and structure covered relevant to his students’ lives, providing common, real-life examples.

When not teaching Spanish, Alfredo pursues his other passion, photography, as a freelance photographer. He enjoys classical music and plays the violin and viola in a string quartet with friends. He also enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, biking and skiing.