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Advanced Book Seminar - "Cuentos de Eva Luna"

Cuentos de Eva LunaCourse Description: In this highly-interactive seminar-style course, students will enjoy the opportunity to read and discuss the stories in the collection “Cuentos de Eva Luna” by the renowned Chilean author, Isabel Allende.

The collection imagines the stories are written by Eva Luna, the protagonist of Allende’s novel of the same name. With colorful characters,  vivid descriptions, and an ever-present sense of magical realism, these short stories will provide delightful fodder for group conversation. Students will enjoy reading at home and spending class time discussing the reading material in Spanish from various angles - overviewing the plot and events, discovering new words in Spanish, observing grammar structures, and analyzing the imagery, metaphors, themes, and meaning held within each story.

Designed for advanced students, this course will provide you with the venue in which to practice your reading and speaking skills at a challenging level, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy stimulating discussion with other enthusiastic students.

Students will need to purchase a copy of the book, which can be found here.

Best suited for: Students who have completed or been recommended an Advanced course at Tierra.

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